It's good to be the godmother to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids.

A source claims that secret godmother Mindy Cohn (who knew they were even friends!) received a "huge diamond ring to thank her." Thank her for what? For agreeing to be part of the most glamorous family on the planet? Seems like she should be thanking him!

The spy, who knows Mindy from What Not To Wear says the ring is at least "four or five carats," according to Us.

Mindy wears the diamond ring that would make any bride blush on her right hand and when asked about it, told the source, "Brad and Angelina gave it to me."

Cohn also says "she visits [the Jolie-Pitts] wherever they go" and that the uber-rich couple "pay for her airline ticket."

So how did Natalie from The Facts of Life get in so good with the golden couple?

Apparently Cohn is close with Angelina's brother James and has known Brad "for years!"