A source tells X17online exclusively that Lindsay's mom Dina brought drinks over to her daughter's apartment Thursday night before the probation violation hearing as a "one last hurrah" ahead of Lindsay's brief incarceration.

We're told Dina brought along some friends for a last wild evening -- of course, as it turns out, Lindsay didn't do 30 days in jail ... at least not yet.

Our source tells us despite her mom's antics, Lindsay really does want to get healthy, it's just that most of the people around her don't support that. We're told Dina isn't pushing her daughter to get the help she needs in rehab and Lindsay doesn't want to admit herself because she's tried rehab before and "doesn't believe in it."

Lindsay's dad Michael is the only one who is pushing for rehab but because Lindsay won't really let him in her life, his influence in minimal.

Lindsay is trying to "clean out" her group of friends and surround herself with only positive people but "it's been difficult," we're told. "There are still a few stragglers around Lindsay who aren't good influences. These people keep her going back to her old, bad habits and as much as she resists, she's basically powerless against them."

eilatbadfriend.jpgOur source also tells us Lilo's pal Eilat Anschel was a big fan of Lindsay's before meeting her idol. She approached Lindsay numerous times, in hopes of befriending her, but it took Lindsay a while to accept her. We're told Eilat is an on-again-off-again friend and that Lindsay isn't sure of Eilat's intentions but she likes hanging out with her on occasion "to make Sam jealous."

So what's next for Lindsay? The future is uncertain, our source says. "Lindsay doesn't really want to go to rehab; she thinks she can clean up her life on her own. But with a few of these negative people still around her, including her mom, it will be tough."