With the news that Lindsay Lohan checked into rehab late last night, we began to wonder who would be paying for her treatment, and Michael Lohan has weighed on in the matter, telling X17online exclusively, “Lou Taylor [is probably paying for Lindsay's rehab]. She wants to get her claws into Lindsay and Dina ... to act like a trusted friend when her motives are actually to take over Lindsay’s career and finances. She goes after the weak. Just like Britney [Spears]. Tell me who, of substance, does she represent?”

Lou Taylor, who is Lindsay's business manager/life coach hasn't been available for comment, but another source close to the situation tells X17online exclusively:
    "No one's saying who's paying, but it does appear that Lou is picking up the tab on everything else. It's like some desperate attempt to buy her way into Lindsay's life, and it appears to be working."

After reports of Lindsay demanding thousands of dollars for staged photo ops with the paparazzi (not to mention rumors we've heard that Lindsay is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt), we were certainly wondering how she'd be able to afford a stay in any of the major rehab facilities, which can run up to $75,000 for a 30 day stay.

None of the rehab centers have any incentive to offer Lindsay free treatment (it's not like she's getting swag from them and wearing it around town to give them free advertising), so if it isn't Lou, who else could it be? Is Lindsay borrowing from her wealthy celebrity friends, or is a media outlet agreeing to pay in exchange for exclusive photos or information after her fifth stint in rehab?