mjlawsuitdoc.jpgOne of the most explosive revelations in this lawsuit filed just minutes ago is that Michael Jackson's concert promoters at AEG HIRED DR. CONRAD MURRAY AS MICHAEL'S PRIVATE PHYSICIAN!

The suit, filed by Jackson's mother Katherine, as guardian of the children, claims AEG took out a life insurance policy on Michael, naming the promoters as the beneficiary were the policy to be canceled.

Rehearsals were under way for the This Is It Tour in April 2009 -- by May, Jackson was missing rehearsals due to "a negative health condition related to prescription medications." AEG responded by requiring Jackson to "stop seeing and taking medications from his current doctor and to instead start seeing a doctor that AEG would provide."

Dr. Conrad Murray was then retained by AEG in May, for the fee of $150,000/month for 11 months, to be Michael's personal "concierge" physician. Murray's job was to get Michael to attend rehearsals and to perform. AEG agreed to pay for all of Jackson's medical equipment, supplies, personnel, and treatments.

In June 2009, after missing a rehearsal, AEG execs visited Jackson's home (that AEG was renting for him) and demanded Michael stop taking drugs given to the pop star by Dr. Arnold Klein because they "made him sleepy" and required him to take only medication prescribed and administered by Dr. Murray.

AEG threatened to "pull the plug" on his This Is It Tour and kick him out of the Beverly Hills home if he missed any further rehearsals. They allegedly threatened his career would "be over."

According to the suit:

    "AEG knew or should have known that it was jeopardizing Jackson's health and safety by assuming control over the doctor-patient relatinoship between Jackson and Murray, and by directing and influencing Murray to act without regard to medical safety standards."

On June 25, 2009, after forcing himself to attend rehearsals under extreme medical duress, Jackson died after a fatal dose of Propofol administered by Dr. Murray.

The suit seeks economic damages, non-economic damages, exemplary/punitive damages and attorneys fees.

CLICK HERE to read the full complaint.