alohan071410.jpg You know you've made it in Hollywood when you start receiving death threats!

Lindsay's little sister Ali Lohan was recently mailed a death threat at her Long Island home, and get this -- a US State Department clerk has been indicted for using her government computer to gather personal information on more than a hundred celebrities and their families -- including Ali!

28-year-old Brooke Reyna viewed passport info on "various celebrities, actors, reality-television contestants, television personalities, musicians, models, athletes," including "their children," since 2005, the indictment states. Authorities wouldn't comment on whether Reyna was a nutty fan or a creep selling confidential info to the tabloids, though they did reveal that she's been charged with several felonies, including unauthorized computer access.

Mom Dina told the NY Post, "It's horrible. I'm petrified. I'm glad the FBI is on it."