amy1winehouse460.jpgamy2winehouse.jpgCourtesy: Fred Perry

Amy Winehouse is getting classy for the British clothing label, Fred Perry. I know ... who knew Ms. Winehouse could look this fresh-faced?

Even Amy was surprised to land the modeling gig. She says:

    "I knew exactly what I wanted and I love Fred Perry so much. I was honoured that they would even, like, 'Do you want to come and do a line?' Me, like, me? Fred Perry is my be-all-and-end-all. I've always loved it, always worn it, it feels like a living dream. I'm not really skinny but I'm tiny and I couldn't get anything because they didn't do a size six."

In case you're having a hard time believing she's a size six in the British sizing chart ... in the U.S., that's the equivalent to one size bigger than a zero.

Work it, girl!