joliebanned10.jpg Angelina Jolie has been banned from filming her new film in Bosnia, due to a technicality with the filming permit. Jolie's permit was rejected due to the fact that the actress/humanitarian (who is directing the project) did not attach a screenplay with the original application, but we have a feeling that's not the only reason she didn't get the green light. Several female victims from the Bosnian war have objected to the film, which follows the relationship between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who fall in love in the middle of the conflict.

The Women Victims of War association is outraged, calling the film guilty of "misleading history," and it was also reported that the love story would be between a Serbian rapist and a Muslim victim. Jolie hasn't released a statement on the matter, and she has been shooting in Budapest, Hungary all week. Yesterday the Oscar winner greeted a massive crowd of fans during a break from shooting, so it looks like she still has plenty of support no matter where she goes!