novcvrhires.jpgannehath2.jpgimages courtesy of Vogue/Mario Testino

She's already a knockout, so I guess it's not that difficult for the lovely and talented Anne Hathaway to get gorgeous for a photo shoot, but here's a peek at her November Vogue cover and spread, and we're blown away by her beauty.

Of the couture and diamonds she wore for the shoot Anne remarked, “It was true glamour. Not just the clothes and the jewels but that feeling that glamour can produce in you, which is like a dream.”

Anne also talks about her new film, Love and Other Drugs, starring opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, where she plays "a gravely ill young woman with a healthy sex drive and an unscalable wall around her heart." The film has lots of steamy sex scenes, but Anne says she felt the nudity was integral to who the characters are. “These are people who have no trouble taking their clothes off—in a way, their bodies are their currency,” she explains. “But they’re terrified of exposing their vulnerability, of becoming emotionally naked ... This movie certainly has a lot of nerve. Oy. I hope that audiences are OK with all the nerve.” We're OK with it, and we're curious to see her opposite her former Brokeback Mountain co-star!

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