angiebradworldtour.jpgLeft: Brad with the twins in Budapest today, Right: Angelina with the twins in Budapest in August

Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh and the twins have been almost everywhere!

Brad Pitt just arrived in Budapest, Hungary earlier today with twins Knox and Vivienne to join Angelina Jolie on set while she shoots her new film project, a love story set during the Bosnian war.

(Security concerns forced the large family to move from one Hungarian house to another - take a look at our exclusive pix of the home, with the kids' tents set up outside, here!)

The above pic of Brad with the twins at the Budapest airport reminds us of when, back in late August, Angelina was holding Vivienne on a location scout for her film in, where else, Budapest! Point being, these kids really get around...

Brangelina's children were born in Cambodia (Maddox), Ethiopia (Zahara), Vietnam (Pax), Namibia (Shiloh) and France (Knox and Vivienne). And that's just their places of birth!

Where else have most of the kids been? Italy, Germany, Japan and India to name a few countries. Angelina herself has traveled to more than 20 countries on field missions, visiting refugees from all over the world, and more often than not, Brad and co. accompanies her!

Question is, where will Brangelina and their six children go next?