Courtesy: RCA

Christina Aguilera's recent Bionic album may have been the 29-year-old singer's therapeutic outlet for a not-so-solid marriage.

Xtina, who today filed for divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman, sang about her heartache in numerous tracks including You Lost Me. Reports have surfaced claiming that the split was due to Christina's infidelities, however in the lyrics, Xtina points the finger at her mate.

    You Lost Me

    I am done
    Smoking gun
    We've lost it all
    The love is gone

    And we had magic
    And this is tragic
    You couldn't keep your hands to yourself

    I feel like our world's been infected,
    And somehow you left me neglected

    We've found our lives been changed
    Babe, you lost me

    And we tried
    Oh, how we cried
    Oh, we lost ourselves
    The love has died

Also in Birds of Prey and the ironically titled Stronger Than Ever ... more hints of trouble in paradise.

    Birds of Prey

    Suddenly lost inside a fantasy
    Everything not quite what it seems to be
    Slipping and falling through the looking glass
    Catching a glimpse at all that lies behind the masks

    Taking the blue pill only made you cry
    And all that the red pill did was make you forget why
    There is no right, there's no wrong
    You only see what you want

    Stronger Than Ever

    what you gave me i know you gave me
    You remind me all the time
    And how you hurt me and you don't see it
    Again i am the child

    And though you tell me that you love me
    I can't feel it and i'm afraid to let you down
    It's all or nothing i fear that something's wrong

    I'm tired of walking on eggshells so terrified to fail
    And in order to please you i've abandoned myself
    And though it used to hurt me when you push me away
    I'm stronger than ever you made me this way