Shery Shabani, the woman who is being accused by her husband of having an affair with David Beckham is still denying the allegations, however her estranged hubby, Kambiz Shabani, claims he has "emails and texts" to prove she was cheating.

Shabani, 43, first started accusing his wife Shery, 33, of the extramarital affair after she filed a restraining order against him for allegedly abusing her.

As for the emails and texts in question, there is no proof that these messages have anything to do with the soccer star ... which has led many to believe that Kambiz Shabani is "delusional" with his claims. Mrs. Shabani says there are, in fact, emails to Beckham, however they have been "purely business" related.

In a deposition filed at LA Superior Court, Mr. Shabani claims he and his wife ‘have been experiencing marital troubles for many months due to my belief that petitioner [Mrs Shabani] has had an affair.’

The Beckhams, who have said these claims are "full of fantasy," are singing the praises of their 11-year marriage. Victoria recently told Marie Claire Magazine that David is "Goddam perfect."

As for how the Shabani's and Beckham's met in the first place ... the two Shabani children go to the same exclusive school as the three Beckham boys.