cyrusvip090410_01_X17.jpgMiley partying in Paris last month

Underage starlets hitting the Hollywood clubs are nothing new -- but at 17-years-old and just barely graduated from the tween hit Hannah Montana, is Miley Cyrus too young to club?

Last night, Miley partied at one of Hollywood's hottest spots until 1:30am! Not only is it illegal for Cyrus to be in an over-21-club, but it's also against the strict 10pm curfew for minors (which could result in a fine of $250 -- somehow we think Miley can afford it.)

Now, despite her tween queen status, Miley has always seemed way wiser than her years. That's not really surprising, since she's been working since the age of 12! And she's already shattered her good girl image with, among other things, sexy costumes while promoting Can't Be Tamed and that scandalous lap dance with director Adam Shankman!

But after a Hollywood club crackdown in 2007 where the admittance of underage stars like Lindsay Lohan, The Olsens, Jesse McCartney and Rumer Willis (then all under 21) prompted the investigation of several hotspots by the Alcoholic Beverage Control, you would think a place like Voyeur wouldn't want to call attention to themselves by admitting one of the most famous (and famously) seventeen-year-olds in the country!

I guess they could argue, like Les Deux did at the time, that she wasn't served alcohol. But is that really the right environment for a teenager?

On the other hand, at 17, Miley's traveled the world and been in two long-term relationships with guys who were already in their 20s, and has worked pretty much non-stop for five years. Does she deserve to be able to blow off some steam with friends as long as she's not being served alcohol? Or is 17 still too young?