A very well-accessorized Katherine Heigl hit the streets of Beverly Hills with a pal for a little shopping, but one very special accessory was missing ... her wedding ring!

With Hollywood divorces happening left and right, could this be a sign that trouble is brewing for Ms. Heigl and hubby Josh Kelley?

In a British TV interview, the actress was candid about her marriage woes. Heigl said:

    "It's really nice but the first three to six months were pretty rough. Those first years of marriage are hard because you're trying to get used to the fact that this person will always be around. We got married and I felt like throwing myself off a cliff! I love him, he's great, but he does leave crap everywhere."

Let's hope for the sake of their little daughter, Naleigh ... they make it.

Update: Katherine Heigl's rep tells X17online exclusively, "The couple is still together."