Everyone wants a piece of Glee!

Former boybander Lance Bass and epic film director Baz Luhrmann are the latest celebs to try and start a campaign for their own Glee episode.

"Maybe they'll have a boy-band episode one day," Bass told MTV. "I have no idea! [They should] go for the gusto. Go for the 'Bye Bye Bye.'" His former band mate, Joey Fatone has even been tweeting about it, trying to drum up some support.

As for Luhrmann, who directed the uber-hip musical Moulin Rouge, he's setting his sights on directing an episode of the hit show.

"I'm a great fan of Glee," Baz said. "I spoke to [show creator] Ryan [Murphy]. I tried to find a moment to do an [episode] with him. I'd love to do that. I think those kids are phenomenal. If I could, I'd love to [direct an episode]. I'd like to contribute to that, because I do think that is what I hoped when I tried to smash the door 10 years ago [with 'Moulin Rogue']."

How about a Baz Luhrmann-directed episode of the show featuring 'NSYNC's music? Now that would be epic!

If only they could get JT to appear...