Then again, Lauren Conrad could make a paper bag with spaghetti straps look hot! Well, if it weren't for her negative attitude and constant complaining, but given the fact that she's a reality star, a fashion designer AND a best-selling author, we can't hate on her toooooo much.

And speaking of reality TV, even though Lauren famously left the Hills to pursue more uh, meaningful projects, she's back for another dose of reality -- starting next week!

Last night LC attended the Operation Smile event in Beverly Hills and she told Us mag, "Right now it's like music samples and picking lights. We start in about a week. I'm excited. It's smaller this time, which is really great and most of the people I'm working with are most of my favorite people. It's going to focus on a clothing line I'm doing with two of my best friends, but it's also going to show all the other things that I do as well as the lifestyle."

Can't wait to watch! And click after the jump to see another shot of Lauren's milk moustache!