Even the rich and famous can't avoid the morning sickness and fatigue that plague most moms-to-be! (Well, unless you get a surrogate to do the dirty work for you like Camille Grammer!)

Mariah Carey admitted that she was suffering the same symptoms as pregnant women around the globe this morning when she called into husband Nick Cannon's radio show.

"Right now, I feel nauseous and exhausted," the singer said. (Perhaps that beef jerky Nick got for her last night didn't sit too well.)

Of course, Mariah's pregnancy hasn't slowed her down too much. In addition to performing and promoting her new Christmas album, she also shot two music videos this week!

The concerned dad asked Mariah when she was planning on slowing down. "I guess after New Year's," his wife responded.

Mariah hasn't said exactly how many months along she is, but she did say they were due sometime in the Spring, which probably puts her at around four months.