tila230pic.jpgTila Tequila is at the center of a police investigation involving paparazzi photographer Garry Sun who claims the reality star kidnapped and raped his girlfriend.

The photographer, who dated Tila for less than a year, tells X17online that the reality star and four armed men went to the Texas home of his current girlfriend, Shyla Jennings, on October 19, kidnapped her and brought her back on a plane to Los Angeles. Sun says while Jennings was being held captive in LA, she was sexually assaulted by Tila.

Sun tells X17online exclusively:

    "Its all true, Tila is my ex. She found out I was dating my current girlfriend who is hot, and she wanted to get back at me. So she and four big guys with guns show up at Shyla's house in Texas and kidnap her. It was weird because the whole thing was so planned out and so many people were involved, it was almost like she had done this kind of thing before. I really don't think this was her first kidnapping. Shyla had never even met Tila; they didn't know each other at all.

    Tila used the guys with guns to get her on a plane. The reason they were able to get on a plane is because Tila has a friend who is a pilot, so they were could fly private without having to check in through security. As soon as they landed, Tila went off and taped an episode of Gossip Queens. She was actually taping Gossip Queens while she was holding my girlfriend captive.

    Shyla was able to use the phone at certain points and she would call and give me updates on what was going on while I tried to find her. While all this was happening, Tila had sent several men to kill me in my home, they went to my house and my parents' house looking for me. We have filed police reports and restraining orders. Tila needs to be off the streets for good. I am glad this is out in the open. People think she is this sweet girl but she is a psychopath -- literally evil. This is federal kidnapping were talking about, she's facing in excess of 30 years -- the minimum is 15. Her celebrity status can't get her out of this. She thinks she is Al Capone right now, like she's a crime boss and can do anything she wants and get away with it. She needs to be off the streets, she is dangerous and evil.

    Shyla is in Houston now, away from all of this. Her lawyers are talking with Tila's lawyers and Tila is trying to sweep this whole thing under the rug and make it go away. Tila is being investigated for what she did. She has committed 8-12 federal crimes including conspiracy, hostage, kidnapping, extortion, assault and battery, and terrorist threats. She wont get out of this."

Garry Sun has filed a restraining order at the L.A. County Superior Court against Tila Tequila.