madonna  love boyfriend jesus

X17online brought you the EXCLUSIVE FIRST PHOTOS this morning of Madonna with her breakdancer boyfriend on a movie date, but now you can check out the 24-year-old Frenchman in action in this promo video for his agency!

Zaibat, who is a part of the "Pokemon" crew is an award-winning dancer who won the International Battle of the Year 2003, the UK B-Boy Championships and Freestyle Session Korea 2006.

But we have a feeling he's going to become much more famous for being the arm candy of one of the world's most famous women!

madonna  love boyfriend jesusmadonna  love boyfriend jesusBut Friday night, Brahim took a break from breakin' to cuddle up to his much older woman, taking Madonna to a showing of the two-part French film Carlos, about a terrorist (tres romantique!)

The two were spotted arm-in-arm as they left the theater with friends, after which, sources tell X17online, they spent the entire weekend together!

So is this latest boy-toy just a fling, or will he become completely enmeshed in her (and her childrens') life just like Jesus did?