How do Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey keep their relationship of four years fresh? By showering together twice a day!

Vanessa admits that she and Nick love shower time together in a recent interview with Parade, saying "We shower, honestly, at least twice a day. We shower in the morning and we shower at some point during the day or before bed. It's so funny because we've turned it into an intimate time for each other," the former beauty queen gushes.

But before you think the double daily showers are a sexual thing, Vanessa wants to make it clear that getting wet together is about intimacy, not sex.

"It's not a sexual thing and it's not a romantic thing, it just becomes an intimate thing," she says. "You're in your full form, so to speak, and you're vulnerable and we just both let our guard down. I've had some of my most intimate conversations with him in the shower."

Maybe more couples should ditch the therapist and jump into the shower!