After a bizarre foxtrot that still didn't land him at the bottom of the pack (that honor went to Margaret Cho followed closely by Bristol Palin) the Situation was feeling mighty good about his performance last night and celebrated with his boys at Beso.

But it wasn't just a boys night out -- after Mike left the eaterie, we spotted the "Canadian Moaner" from last week's episode of Jersey Shore leaving with a few guidos!

How sweet that she's in town to moan cheer for her man, but jeez, seems like he didn't even want to be photographed with her! But SHE made sure to let our guys know exactly who she was, telling the photogs, "I'm the moaner!"

But maybe he was just saving up all his energy for tonight's show, you know, like the athletes who don't want to interrupt a streak by having sex.

Before going to sleep for the night, Mike tweeted in one long run-on sentence:


Even though he's not at the bottom, he's still close enough that he's in danger of going home if he doesn't get the votes. You think his two left feet will survive another night?