madonna  love boyfriend jesusmadonna  love boyfriend jesusmadonna  love boyfriend jesusYesterday X17online broke the news that Madonna was getting hot and heavy with a new boyfriend, 24-year-old backup dancer Brahim Zaibat (NOT another Brahim as many other news outlets were reporting) and now we've got the first pics!

Friday night, Madonna and her new man, who is a French breakdancer from Lyon, went to the IFC theater in New York to see the French film Carlos by Olivier Assayas, which is a two-part mini-series about a Venezuelan terrorist.

The new couple were holding hands as they left the theater with a couple of friends (who look more like Brahim's friends than Madonna's friends, age-wise.)

After the movie, they headed back to Madge's Central Park apartment where they spent the entire weekend together.

This is the third time we've spotted the new couple together, and the second time we've seen them leaving the movies together! (I guess with a 26 year age difference, movies are about the only thing they probably can enjoy together -- well, one of the things!)

Despite the huge difference in age, Madonna's ex-boyfriend Jesus was very involved with her children, particularly David and Mercy. It's not known yet if Madonna has introduced Brahim to her kids yet, but with all the time they're spending together, it's getting to be unavoidable. But will the kids accept Brahim like they did Jesus or are they getting fed up with their mom introducing them to men who are closer in age to themselves than their mother?