mileybindiboy.jpgMiley Cyrus jeweled forehead rocker mystery man boots leather jacket Miley Cyrus and this mysterious man in black were together this afternoon in Beverly Hills, but careful not to be photographed with each other.

The leather-clad hipster is not the usual type Miley goes for (she's more into the clean-cut look) but maybe her newfound maturity and sense of style (is that a bindi on her forehead?) is broadening her taste in men!

And even though she reunited with her ex Liam Hemsworth when she returned to town after shooting LOL, we haven't seen them together lately... Could this guy be Miley's next love? And can anyone ID him?

UPDATE: Our clever commenters have ID'd him as Avan Jogia from Sci-Fi's Caprica and Nick's Victorious. Hmmm, fellow tween TV star? I guess he does fit her type!