Michael Lohan is hitting out at recent interviews given by his ex Dina that suggest that Lindsay Lohan doesn't "need" to be at Betty Ford and that Michael has "threatened" Lindsay's attorneys.

In a new statement to X17online, Michael accuses his ex of being a liar and an addict herself, who "needs to check into a rehab for [her] own addictions."

    "Dina is soooo full of it, I can smell her all the way here in LA. Ms. Denial, puts a bunch of lies out there, has people write comments on blogs, leaks "source" stories, which are no more than lies and then blames others.

    Wait, Lindsay doesn't have to be there???? Okay Dina, her alternative is jail, so what's a better choice?

    She can walk out anytime? Right, and a sheriff will pick her up immediately!

    A serious rehab? I thought you said for years that Lindsay wasn't addicted, everything is FINE and she has no problems??!! Yes she does, her problem is YOU. You enabling, lying, white trash brother killer!

    I threatened Lindsay's lawyers? Right? Sure, then why aren't I in jail, you pathetic QUEEN of Twists. I introduced you to Stephanie Ovadia and between her and you, I am owed a ton of money. Do you really want to go there? Well YOU will have to, because you are being taken to court soon, for all the judgements you never paid, yet you hide income through Stephanie. Income I and others are owed.

    Tony Almeida is going public REAL SOON and everyone will know the truth about you and what happened. YOU did this. And YOU are making worse for Lindsay! Just like you did at Cirque Lodge until I came there!

    Ya know what, I will make a deal, if you check into a rehab for your own addictions, I will stop. Or if you conceed to have your tongue cut out or your lips sown shut, I will laugh!

    Better yet, come clean and admit how you screwed up Lindsay's life, you lie about everything, what a screwed up family you come from and how you killed your own brother by cutting off his medical insurance for the interferon treatment he was getting because he called ME to help his son, and I do a swan dive off the Brooklyn bridge!

    By the way, Kate Major doesn't have to smear you. You do a good enough job yourself. You are a mere pimple on an elephants ass. A real pain!

    P.S. Is that vial in your purse Botox, or is it left over blow you bought last year on Super Bowl Sunday? ( Yes, there is a tape from the sister of the dealer who sold it to you and NOW it will come out.)"

Dina's a "pimple on an elephant's ass?" That may be the most creative insult we've ever heard slung between the two!