After several years living under Katherine Jackson's roof in lieu of child support payments from baby daddies Randy and Jermaine, Alejandra Jackson will be moving out of the Encino compound with her children at the end of the year.

Just who is Alejandra Jackson?

● Jermaine married Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza in 1995, which caused a lot of controversy considering Oaziaza had dated, and had two children (Genevieve & Randy Jr.) with Jermaine's brother, Randy Jackson.

● Alejandra went on to have two sons, Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson (born July 25, 1996) and Jermajesty Jermaine Jackson (born October 7, 2000).

● In November 2004 Jermaine and Alejandra separated, their divorce was finalized in May 2008. As a result, Jermaine was only ordered to pay $50,000 for legal fees and $50,000 back child support; in exchange Alejandra waived her spousal support.

● Jermaine then discovered Alejandra had not divorced her first husband, therefore their marriage was annulled.

● In September 2010 Jermaine filed new child support papers in L.A. County Superior Court asking the judge to cut his support payment to a mere $215 a month.

So why are Alejandra and her children being forced out of the home?

A source close to the Jackson family tells X17online exclusively:

    "After Child Protective Services were called to the Havenhurst home in May 2010 involving the incident with the teaser gun, they found Alejandra was staying at the home instead of receiving child support from Randy and Jermaine. The Jackson brothers never wanted to pay her child support. No judge signed off on that agreement, so I am told it wasn't legal."

Even worse, Alejandra was suspected of leaking inside information about the Jackson children to media outlets for money. The source goes on to tell us:

    "Katherine and several members of the Jackson family have suspected Alejandra of leaking information about Prince, Paris, and Blanket, for some time. Activities inside the Encino house only Alejandra would have known about were suddenly popping up on various media outlets. Photographers would show up at specific times and places that the kids were going to be, most times with Alejandra's kids, and somehow they'd know exactly where to be. Alejandra badly needs the money because she isn't working and she's not getting anything from Jermaine and Randy. Tipping off the media has been an easy way for her to make some cash on the side. Katherine just doesn't trust her."

We are also told that keeping an additional five people in this house is too much for Katherine to bear financially:

    "Randy bought a brand new Porsche, and Jermaine drives a Rolls Royce, yet they were not taking any financial responsibility for their children and it was unfair to stick them in the Encino home with Katherine. She's 80 years-old and isn't receiving enough from the estate to take care of such a large household. Its just not fair to her."

We are told Alejandra and her five children: Jafaar, Jermajesty, Randy Jr., and Dante a homeless child she adopted from off the streets, will be moved to a location near their former Encino home, which will all be taken care of for her.

No word yet on weather Alejandra plans to file for additional child support payments from Jermiane and Randy, but we just don't see how $215 a month can cut it.