palinfishing2.jpgimages courtesy of TLC

Just how humane is Sarah Palin on Sarah Palin's Alaska?

The former governor is being criticized by the Defense Of Animals due to an event that occurred on her TLC reality show...

Mother Palin caught a fish and beat it with a club - and later, daughter Bristol holds its still-beating heart in her hand.

A spokesperson for the animal rights group claims this "snuff video is disgusting," adding that "when they laugh about the beating heart that Bristol holds in her hand, their complete insensitivity to the animal kingdom becomes clear."

But halibut clubbing is apparently not that uncommon among fishermen; Sarah even explained on her show that "it's the safest and most humane way to harvest these massive fish."

Nevertheless, Alaska has dropped about 40% in viewership (down to 3 million viewers) since it began. Whoops!