benellen460.jpgPhoto Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Actor/director/smokin' hot daddy Ben Affleck will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, and here's a sneak peak at what the Oscar winner has to say about family life and his struggles with shopping.

Ben explains, "[M]y wife is so capable and because I'm less so, she does a lot of that work and I kind of root her on. I'm encouraging ... It takes her as much energy and effort to buy like the 20 gifts we're going to buy other people, as it does [for me] to buy her gift. I spend the whole time, fretting about that and being nervous and hoping she likes that. And then I end up at like CVS on the 24th being like, "Maybe she'd like a little Godzilla that goes around."

Eh, who cares if he sucks at holiday shopping -- he certainly seems to love Jen and the kids, and as long as he carries Violet in his arms, all is well in the world...