jlopic230pic.jpgJennifer Lopez has begun her judging duties on the new season of American Idol, and already she admits, "I've cried. We get a lot of elation when we put them through and devastation, almost, when they're not. But it's been a ball."

However, when it comes to song choices, AI contestants should avoid singing JLo hits because it's not going to help their cause.

As for those who have chosen to sing a Lopez track, Marc Anthony's wifey admits, "It was cute, super entertaining and flattering, but no."

The judges have already visited seven cities, and JLo says so far they've discovered 15 to 20 "real superstars," mostly "a lot of great country [artists]."

So, are Aerosmith songs out of the question, too? We'll have to ask Steven Tyler about that one.