Kate Moss fur coat model lipstick heels jumper Images courtesy Mr. Paparazzi

Kate Moss debuted what will be her final full collection for Topshop last night at the English retailer's London boutique.

Wearing a black sparkly jumpsuit (customized for the supermodel by the Topshop designers) and sporting some new bangs, Kate arrived at the party among throngs of adoring shoppers, all of whom are certainly sad that this will be Kate's final collection. But although it will be her last full line, it won't be the last time she collaborates with the Brit giant.

Kate's still expected to contribute designs to Topshop, whenever the spirit moves her. "It could be some special pieces in cashmere, for example, or some amazing vintage treasures Kate has uncovered. Basically, it will be whatever takes her fancy," said a spokesperson. "We want Kate's collections to be always surprising, like her - not formulaic and tied to seasons, like a machine."

So basically, Kate can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Nice life, huh?

After the debut, Kate went out to celebrate at London's China Tang restaurant.