Ke$ha covers the female side of Complex's December/January 2011 issue, and she looks absolutely amazing here! I mean, it doesn't even look like her, which is the main reason she looks so hot...

So what did K money have to say in her interview? She reveals that she's split from drummer Alex Carapetis, ever so tactfully stating, "He had a Keith Richards vibe to him, but then he started acting like a woman, and I just can't handle that." So besides a "homeless beard and a bag of quarters," what else does the pop singer like in a man? "A big d*ck." So classy!

While the interview seems a bit awkward (mostly because Ke$ha is trying a bit TOO hard to be a badass), she does take the time to address all the haters out there, telling the mag, "I don't have time to go online to read what people say about me; I'm traveling the world and killing it."

Seeing as her album Animal has gone gold, we'll let her have it!