Ke$ha seems to be taking a few pages from Lady GaGa's style handbook with some funky shades and a wardrobe that many would call a hot mess!

The pop sensation mixed leather, leopard and oversized 3D shades during her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood. Of course, once she got on stage, her trademark blue lipstick was in full force.

Judging by the way the fans went wild for the 23-year-old singer, her wacky style must be a big hit. Speaking of hits, Ke$ha's album Animal has been certified gold ... selling more than 500-thousand copies to date! Her single, Tik Tok, has been downloaded more than 5 million times and Your Love Is My Drug has scored over 2 million hits. To date, Ke$ha has sold more than 8 million downloads.

No wonder she flashed a dollar sign on the back of her hand while signing autographs. The girl is cashing in ... big time!