red carpet mtv Ke$ha performance concert costume singing dance kesha During Ke$ha's acceptance speech for her Best New Artist award at the EMAs last night, she said, "I make music for you and hopefully I can inspire you guys to give the finger to the cynics and f**king be yourself!"

While we have no problem with Ke$ha inspiring people to give the finger to cynics, we really wish we didn't have to see her finger herself on the EMA stage last night!

And it's not just that her taste issues extend to her performances... her red carpet look is also getting increasingly bizarre, and not in an interesting Lady Gaga sort of way, but in a trashy, heavy metal groupie from 1989 sort of way:

red carpet mtv Ke$ha kesha pants purple satin purse

Yeah, she's making a statement with that "no contract" shirt, perhaps a nod to the suit waged against her by her former managers, but the statement she's making with those silky purple pants is just tacky!