Both Mel Gibson and his estranged ex Oksana Grigorieva are expected to take the stand today inside a downtown Los Angeles courtroom. On her way into the courthouse, Grigorieva told our X17online videographer, "I'm fighting for my daughter and for her safety and that's all I'm doing. There's no money involved. It's all about my daughter."

A courthouse source tells X17online that Grigorieva will attempt to reduce Gibson's visitation rights with their 1-year-old baby girl. Currently the actor gets three days per week plus an overnight visit.

We're told Grigorieva's legal team will ask the judge to order the actor to "anger management therapy" ... and until he's deemed fit, her lawyers believe visitation should be limited.

As for the reports that she had an affair with one of her bodyguards, she tells us, "It's a lie."

The last time these two were in court, it was for an eight hour court-ordered deposition. Oksana left the courthouse looking exhausted, but did give us the thumbs up when asked how it went. We'll see if today's courtroom showdown deserves a thumbs up, as well.