Teri Hatcher Emerson Rose hat sunglasses daughter coffee

Everybody's leaving the once-hot ABC comedy!

"Teri Hatcher has given her notice and is making active preparations to move on" after the next season, says a TV insider to the Daily Mail. "She has another production deal in the pipeline and she wants a new show in time for the mid-January pilot season."

Hatcher - pictured above with daughter Emerson Rose in Bev Hills this weekend - has apparently disappointed some of the show's crew members, who feel she's abandoning the show that revived her career...

That being said, actresses Eva Longoria Parker and Felicity Huffman will all be out of contract after next season as well.

An ABC spokesperson says the following: "We are working on the next season at the moment and we haven’t got anything to say about the one after."

The show can't continue without its stars, but maybe this is a sign that the series has gone on long enough?