This just in ... a special preview of Michael Jackson's new single, Breaking News from the upcoming album, Michael.

In the short clip, anchors from around the world are seen spreading news about The King of Pop. After a quick montage, we get a little taste of what the new track sounds like.


Courtesy: Sony

As we had previously reported, some members of the Jackson family believe that five songs recorded in 2007 feature an impostor. The dispute could potentially complicate the $250 million deal between Sony and the estate, which apparently has dozens of unreleased MJ songs stored in its vaults, according to reports.

A source close to the Jackson Family told x17online exclusively:

    "Katherine says its not his voice, but the estate says its going to release the album anyway. The Cascios family built a studio in their home for Michael when he stayed with them in New Jersey back in 2007, and he did a lot of recordings while he was there. I think the Cascio's added what they wanted to Jackson's partially recorded tracks and took the material to Sony after he died. Michael left a lot of stuff behind and I think they are taking advantage of that. From what I am told these are partial tracks, but I don't believe they are completely Michael Jackson's vocals which is why the family is upset."

Michael hits stores on November 8.