situationpic460new.jpgCourtesy: Dewey Nicks/GQ

There's no shame in Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's game. The reality star is proud to fake 'n bake .... and he's giving us a visual of the tanning process in the December issue of GQ Magazine.

Named GQ's Sensation of the Year, Sitch is showing off his sexy abs under the ultraviolet lights.

The Situation tells the mag:

    "I always had dreams my whole life, of being somebody special. Someone out in the world that everybody knew of and everybody liked. Somebody unique. Even when I was down on my luck, in my head I still had those dreams.”

Sorrentino also reveals he was a stripper before making it big. He adds, "I didn't mind the attention from pretty girls. But then if I got attention from unattractive girls, it just felt kind of cheap."

This is a statement only The Situation could get away with.