Avril Lavigne boa hair sunglasses mystery guy brody jenner

Avril Lavigne boa hair sunglasses mystery guy brody jenner

Yes, the odd couple is still together! Singer Avril Lavigne and her reality star boyfriend Brody Jenner - rockin' a shaved head - lunched at BOA in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

And now that Avril's divorce has been finalized, she's free to wed once again. A source close to the couple tells X17online that the 26-year-old's friends are split: Half of them think Brody is busy doing nothing with his life and Avril could do better while the other half believes the couple is meant to be.

Our source also claims that Brody's mom Linda Thompson thinks her son and Avril "are perfect for each other" and that Avril is a "mini version of herself." Aw! How sweet.

Lastly, Brody is considering proposing to his dream girl on New Year's Eve, says our source. Talk about romantic!

For Avril's b-day in September, he already took her to Napa Valley and gave her a pink and gold Cartier Love bracelet. Sounds like true love to us! An early congrats to the adorable couple...

Meanwhile, Avril has a new album coming out, which she claims is a "departure" from her previous work. The single, which drops in January, is called "What The Hell." Who's excited to hear it?