MJ5percent.jpgMichael Jackson's death isn't stopping concert promoters from battling over their respective contracts with the deceased pop star.

After more than a year of on-going legal battles between AllGood Entertainment and AEG, it was discovered last week, by lawyers for AllGood, that the case is still active, despite the judge's dismissal.

AllGood had signed Michael Jackson for a one-time family reunion concert in November 2008 through Frank Dileo, who claimed he was the King of Pop's manager.

AllGood had a non-compete agreement which stated Jackson was not to perform in any show for a full year, which was violated when Jackson signed up for a 50-concert deal with AEG in Jan 2009.

A judge officially dismissed the case in August, but he failed to address the counter claim filed by the defendants.

We spoke with AllGood Entertainment lawyer Ira Scot Meyerowitz, who tells X17online exclusively:

    "The judge never discussed or dismissed the counter claim, therefore the case is not closed, and cannot be appealed. This opens up a huge can of worms and bodes very well for our case."

Meyerowitz tells us AEG's cash offer was too good for Delio to turn down, so he did a double deal:

    "AEG provided Jackson with enough money to entice him to breech my client's agreement. AEG threw money at him, moved him to a new home, and even settled lawsuits for him."

AllGood Entertainment CEO Patrick Allocco tells X17online exclusively:

    "We remain confident in the court's ability to discern the many false representations made by Mr. Dileo ... on behalf of Michael, and we hope the court permits us the opportunity for a jury verdict that will untimely bring justice for Michael."

A court date has not been set.