britneybruise1.jpg Britney Spears' former husband Jason Alexander claims the pop star told him she was beaten up by her boyfriend/manager Jason Trawick, and now a phone recording has hit the web!

Alexander spilled the details to the latest issue of Star Magazine, and Radar has obtained what they claim to be a phone conversation between Spears and Alexander. Spears denies being engaged to Trawick and plainly states that he became violent with her, and she also told Alexander that the beating was so bad she couldn't leave the house for a week.

Alexander asks if Trawick proposed to her on the beach, to which Spears responds, "Before or after he beat on me?" After revealing that Jason still works for her (but only "on the down low") Britney adds, "My dad has a shotgun and he's just waiting to use it."

It's not clear whether this is actually Britney or another southern belle with marital problems, but something is definitely fishy here! Reps for Trawick and Spears haven't yet commented on the matter, but we'll bring you the latest updates as soon as we hear them...