Uh-oh, this looks familiar.

After a little over a month on TBS, Conan O'Brien's ratings the fifth week of his show were the lowest since the show's debut, especially in his key demographic. What happened to all the "I'm with Coco" fans? Was that just a phase?

At this point O'Brien has lost more than half the audience who made up his premiere week, and if ratings keep slipping, we may see a repeat of last February when NBC booted him for the very same thing? At least Leno won't be behind him to take his place! Maybe he should just stick to comedy tours and his Twitter account ...

Either way, O'Brien walked away from one cancelled show a multi-millionaire. We don't think two will hurt him money-wise, but we do feel bad for all the crew that has moved from NYC to L.A., and now possibly back to NYC, if the show were to get the axe after just one season.