Courtesy: A&E

A&E has decided to pull the reality series The Hasselhoffs off the air after only two episodes!

The show revolved around The Hoff helping his daughters, Hayley and Taylor, get their careers going in the entertainment industry.

Taylor worked on the set of The Young and The Restless, and cameras followed Hayley onto the set of the series Huge.

The two girls also formed a band called Bella Vida during the series. The band has toured with daddy David and is even recording an album. Now that the show has been canned, guess we won't see how the two Hasselhoff girls decided to get into the music biz. Bummer!

As for the ratings, the premiere show was watched by 718,000, but by the second episode, viewership had dropped to 505,000.

The family shot a total of 10 episodes with 8 of those shows yet to air.