KS_ShapeUpBan150new.jpgFresh off her success on Dancing With The Stars with partner The Situation, dancing pro Karina Smirnoff is getting ready to help the world shed any extra holiday pounds with the release of Shape Up, a dance-inspired workout DVD hitting stores just before Christmas.

Karina tells X17online exclusively:

    "It's a whole body workout that will concentrate on getting rid of those love handles. The dance moves will also target that little pouch underneath the belly button that never seems to go away."

Smirnoff, who's engaged to St. Louis Cardinals baseball player Brad Penny, says that she's inspired every day by her man, whom she says, "lost 40 pounds already so he can be in the best possible shape for the upcoming baseball season."

With so many marriages failing in Hollywood, the newly engaged dancer tells us:

    "All you can do is hope for the best and focus on how you’re in love right now. Both my parents and Brad's parents have been married for over thirty years so we have great examples to go by. The sad thing is, if you've made it as a married couple in Hollywood for five years, then people joke that you've made it. So many get married for all the wrong reasons."

Aside from auditioning for potential movie roles, Karina says that her boot line with Bearpaw will be coming out before the new year.

We love how Smirnoff's (also the name of Vodka) married name will be Mrs. Penny once she and her ballplayer head to the alter. She jokes, "Brad and I always laugh that our names combined will represent 'one cent liquor.'"

There's a penny for your thoughts.