And don't worry, Lindsay Lohan was "nominated" as well!

CNN's Showbiz Tonight asked the following questions when deciding their list for Most Provocative Celebrity of the Year: Who provoked the most visceral reaction? Who provoked the most continuous shock and outrage? Who generated the most continued interest throughout the year? Who had the most lasting impact?

The 5-person list included winner Lady Gaga, who won due to the "sheer impact of her antics" - the singer slash artist became the most followed person on Twitter, the first to reach a billion video biews on YouTube and Gaga also found time to campaign against the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson also made the list, due to their domestic issues with their significant others, Brooke Mueller and Oksana Grigorieva. Not to mention Sheen's hotel scandal with porn star Capri Anderson.

Miley Cyrus was named for ditching her Hannah Montana Disney image for a sexier Can't Be Tamed bravado. Not to mention the recent bong video disaster!

And finally, Lindsay Lohan made the list because, in 2010, the actress went to jail and rehab again. Er, well congrats to Gaga!