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Lindsay Lohan may be an actress herself, but she's about to portrayed on the big screen by 26-year-old Lydia Hearst Shaw ... heir to the Hearst publishing fortune. As for Lydia playing the role, Michael Lohan tells X17online, "My hat's off to her."

The daughter of the infamous Patty Hearst has been selected to play the starring role in the movie Dogs in Pocketbooks, and her character will be based on Lilo.

Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, tells X17online exclusively:

    "Lydia's my Long Island neighbor. We literally live next door to each other. If people are that fascinated with Lindsay and our family, then great. But the Hearst's have an interesting background themselves, and I'd think they'd want to do a movie on their own family.

    Personally, I don't understand why Mr. Casillo and Lydia Hearst find the need to make a movie about Lindsay and our family when the Hearsts family probably has more drama than ours. Besides, how can you make a movie about a family when you don't have the facts? I smell more attorney fees brewing. If this is a satire, I bet they get Courtney Love to play Dina, Mel Gibson to play me, and Lydia should really fit the bill as Lindsay.

Screenwriter Charles Casillo tells the NY Post:

    "Lydia will play a bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab, in trouble with the law, and hounded by greedy agents, predatory paparazzi, off-the-wall stalkers and crazed media -- a role obviously based on Lindsay Lohan."

Hearst, who is not only a supermodel, is also currently dating actor Jeff Goldblum. As for why Casillo chose Hearst, he adds:

    "I spent a lot of time casting for the right actress for this screwball comedy, but Lydia is perfect. She's one of the few supermodels who can actually act. She's smart, well-read, charming and very beautiful. We looked at a lot of actresses for this role, and I was really knocked out."

Also starring in the movie as a big time agent ... the legendary Joan Collins.

Loves it!