Vanessa Hudgens shopping purse coat fur lined boots torn bags gum car

While Vanessa Hudgens hit up the Artisan Cheese Gallery in LA (fancy!) she came out to find some jerk had stuck a wad of chewing gum on her car door. Who would do something like that, and to a brand new Mercedes no less? The nerve!

Hudgens immediately asked the photogs: "Did somebody put some gum on my car?" but apparently no one had an answer. Even though they just broke up, we have to rule out ex-boyfriend Zac Efron; he's reportedly in Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands living it up with Bruce Willis and his family. Random! The Willis girls must really be thanking their daddy for that one.

Hudgens brushed off the gum situation and spent the rest of her day doing what single girls do best: shop! We're guessing she loaded up on possible outfits for a New Year's Eve party, considering she'll be celebrating solo after more than four years tied to Efron's side. She must be anxious to party like it's 2011!

Check out our video of Vanessa dealing with the gum drama.