Guess this means LiLo and Gwyneth can still be friends!

Gwyneth Paltrow's character Holly Holiday made a few jokes at Lindsay Lohan's expense on a recent episode of Glee, calling the rehabilitating starlet "crazy." And mom Dina Lohan has made it known that Linds was hurt by the comments...

But a source close to the family tells X17online that Lindsay is absolutely fine:

    "Lindsay had no idea what Gwyneth Paltrow said on Glee. It was actually Dina Lohan who saw it and SHE brought it to Lindsay's attention. Lindsay couldn't care less. She is a professional and realizes that it is part of the job. Lindsay was out of the house when the episode aired. By Dina doing this, she will only hurt Lindsay and her relationship with other people in the industry. You might recall that when the episode aired, Dina even threatened to sue the network. Why doesn't she leave Lindsay alone? She is going to take her down before she even gets out of rehab."

Thoughts? LiLo probably has much more on her mind than a Glee ep!