celebsreddress021110_46_230.jpgThe battle between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and self-published author Sue Hassett, over an allegedly plagiarized copy of a book on celiac disease, is not over just yet!

Hassett filed a notice of appeal Friday against defendants: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Center Street Hachette Book and Jane or John Doe, (Hasselbeck's ghostwriter who has not yet been named), after a judge in the District Court of Massachusetts ruled Dec 5 no evidence was found to support Hassett's claim The View co-host had ripped off her 2008 book on the disease.

Hassett says she sent Hasselbeck her book, Living With Celiac Disease, in April of 2008 to help with the Survivor alum's own struggle with CD. Two weeks after the book was sent, Hasselbeck signed her own book deal on the very same subject: The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide.

Sue Hassett tells X17online exclusively:

    "The book left the East Falmouth post office on April 4, 2008, the post office confirmed delivery on April 8, 2008. Publishers Marketplace confirms Elisabeth Hasselbeck submitted her proposal on April 14, 2008, signed her contract on April 18, 2008 and started promotions on April 21, 2008. May 4, 2009 was her first interview on Good Morning America. Exactly 13 months after I sent her the book she came out with her own book."

Coincidence? Or did she really take the book sent by Miss Hassett to pass off as her own advice guide for those struggling with the disease? Sue tells us:

    "Its not about the money, it's the principle of it. How many people out there have sent celebrities a product they themselves produced, and then that celebrity turns around and takes it as their own? Go to my website to see the comparisons for yourself. I'm not backing down. This kind of thing has got to stop, not just for me but for everyone who has ever been in my position."

Unfortunately for Hasselbeck, the Celiac Foundation had to issue a warning about the book The G-Free Diet, calling it “inaccurate", "dangerous”, and "trivializing Celiac Disease".

Calls to Hasselbeck's lawyers have not yet been returned.