brooklyncover.jpgbrooklyn460.jpgCourtesy: Esquire

When it comes to getting naked, Brooklyn Decker just goes with it!

The gorgeous 23-year-old model, who is co-starring with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming movie Just Go With It, is daring to go bare on the cover of Esquire's February issue ... and we're not complaining.

When it comes to relationships, Andy Roddick's wife tells the men's mag:

    "With women, when you’re in your twenties, it’s all about game playing. Men could get ahead of women if they’d just throw everything out on the table. Cut to the chase."

Decker also has advice for the guys. She adds:

    "Don’t make everybody deal with your want all the time. It gets so old. You know? ... After twenty-five, it’s just throw the ego out the door."

We're taking notes!