With Lindsay Lohan roaming the streets of Hollywood again, the race is on to see who will land the first post-rehab interview with the 24-year-old starlett.

Dr. Drew Pinsky has made a public request to have the troubled actress as the first guest on his upcoming CNN HLN show premiering in March.

The Celebrity Rehab doctor told the New York Post, "I want to talk about what's really going on with a woman who's suffering like that."

Since Dr. Drew's show isn't premiering for several months, Lilo's first interview most likely will take place within the next month. A source close to Lindsay tells X17online exclusively:

    "When it comes to getting an interview with Lindsay, take a number. She has a list of requests a mile long. Lindsay has yet to decide who she'll be sitting down with."

As for what kind of regimen Dr. Drew would recommend for Lindsay, he tells People, "Two to three meetings a day, daily interaction with a sponsor and either regular therapy or an outpatient treatment program."

When it comes to the possibility of Lilo relapsing, Dr. Drew adds:

    "The biggest conundrum for people like [Lohan] is they have real financial concerns and the work beckons, and they make lots of money for lots of people – and those people push on them to return to work. But the No. 1 reason most celebrity patients relapse is they return to work prematurely."

Slow down, Lindsay. One day at a time.