Kat Von D working tattoo ink  shop reality

Kat Von D working tattoo ink  shop reality

How much does it cost to get inked by Ms. Von D? Considering she's cruising around in a pretty amazing Bentley, we're guessing she doesn't come cheap.

We caught the newly-engaged Kat workin' hard at her tattoo shop, High Voltage, in West Hollywood, and we can't help wonder if she's trying to keep busy while her soon-to-be hubby is on his random trip to Israel? We asked Ms. Von D about James' recent Nazi-related pics which surfaced online Wednesday, but she didn't seem too chatty about that topic.

We just hope JJ comes back with a better understanding of cultural differences, and no more Nazi-related photos turn up -- never a good thing.

On a lighter note, maybe we'll see James in a High Voltage chair getting some LA Ink done by his ladylove when he jets back to Cali. Having Von D's hands all over your person is always a good reason to get a new tattoo!

Find out whom JJ visited in Israel, after the jump.