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Kelly Preston is a proud mom at the age of 48!

John Travolta's wife sits down with Today's Natalie Morales to discuss her baby boy Benjamin, the tragic loss of her son Jett and the reasoning behind a Scientologist's silent birth.

Preston is currently starring opposite Kevin Spacey in the movie Casino Jack. As for how Spacey helped her through the loss of her son, Preston reveals:

    "(Spacey) was a lifesaver, really. I mean, at that point, I really didn't want to go back to work. But each day, and they condensed my work down to a couple of weeks, which was really nice. But every day, he's so ... he's so naturally funny. And he made me laugh. And that was the greatest -- the greatest gift he could've given to me while we were working."

Sounds like she's in a great place!